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How many tablets does one take per day?

Dosage is only 1 capsule per day. It is a totally herbal product so it has no known side effects. 

Does Natural Aid cure AIDS?

Everybody knows that there is no AIDS cure as at now but taking Natural Aid does not create dependence on it either; one can take a break off it and continue at a later stage when one's medical condition or funds dictate. Yes Natural Aid has no cytotoxcity to kill the hiv virus . One thing we can assure you is that with Natural Aid, there will be an increase in your lifespan.

What is the recommended course? 

A patient is advised to go for a minimum course of 12 months. This means four bottles and each contains 30 capsules.

Can a patient on ARVs take Natural Aid? 

Yes Natural Aid can be taken alongside ARVs, there are no reported issues as it is totally herbal.

How do we know that this medicine is not fake? 

Natural Aid is a WHO collaborated lab tested medicine; it carries proper reports whereas many "fake" AIDS medicines on the Internet, for instance, are not approved and don't have any tangible reports.

How long will it take for me to see some improvements? 

As for the results, within 10 - 15 days of taking our medicine, you should start getting noticeable results.

Are you only dealing in medication for HIV? 

No, we have other products for other conditions. Please go to the page "www.nixonbiotech.com for more information!

About "Natural Aid"

The side effects of ARTs like peripheral neuropathy (numbness in hands & feet), irritability, anemia & low platelet count are easily covered within 15 days with 'Natural Aid'. Patients who are very weak or have had adverse reactions to ARTs or have the risk of becoming unconscious after taking ARTs can be treated successfully with'Natural Aid'. Natural Aid has also proved to be effective in increasing mental strength which is very important in averting any infection because the mind is the sole controller of the complete body. When the mind is healthy, the body follows. "Our medicine clears symptoms of fever, loss of appetite, loss of weight, tiredness, body pains, etc. within 10-15 days."